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Arts Scene in Wales is the home of informed yet entertaining, concise, quality arts reviewing and writing.

Our critics write for audiences and artists in a clean, crisp, concise style ideal to be read on your desktop, laptop or, more importantly, your tablet on mobile.

All of our reviewers take part in Wales Theatre Awards and are supported by the Wales Critics Fund which covers tickets, travel, accommodation and expenses.

Arts Scene in Wales gives a new voice to independent reviewers and will be supporting and encouraging new voices to work with us including people and communities that do not normally have a way of expressing views and reactions to opera, theatre, dance and the visual arts.

For audiences this also means they can read reviews by a much more diverse range of people and hopefully this will reflect their own communities, their lives and attitudes and reactions to the arts.

Our reviews give audiences and artists a well-argued review of a performance or other form of the arts in Wales and one that is written for them, not for other reviewers.

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Mike Smith

Arts Scene in Wales