Judith Owen, Acapela Studios

October 24, 2019 by

It was a very successful return to Wales for Welsh singer-songwriter Judith Owen with a quite stunning evening at the intimate Acapela Studios where she displayed a mastery of both voice and instrument and who, along with the excellent Pedro Segundo on percussion, below, received a standing ovation from those who braved the chilly October evening.


Being the daughter of Opera singer Handel Owen, music courses through her veins and it was no surprise that she would follow in the family business of singing and entertaining but through slightly different musical genres.

Her mix of jazz and blues influenced songs and cover versions have brought her many fans and the latest tour redisCOVERed, featured an eclectic batch of tunes given in many ways a more natural airing and in doing so giving the songs a new meaning and interesting direction.

Not that it’s been all plain sailing for Owen, the death of her mother at a young age and the melancholy that stemmed from that can be reflected in her writing and song choices. Who would have thought that a song like Summer Nights from the musical Grease could become such a soulful lament of lost love. Owen’s interpretation is magical and sent a shiver down the spine, the same could be said of her cover of Mungo Jerry’s In The Summertime, that becomes a sultry, soulful mix that gently soothes and relaxes.
Now mainly a resident of New Orleans where she lives with her husband Harry Shearer, Her music is clearly influenced by the vibe that the City creates and it’s most evident in her version of Wild Cherry’s Play That Funky Music.

In between songs Owen delighted with her views on the state of the planet and her adopted country America but mixed with humour that included a neat put down on a few noisy late comers, all done with her tongue firmly in her cheek.

Owen said it was probably the last time she was to tour with this set of songs and she hoped a return to the Acapela would follow in the future, something we will eagerly await, following such a special evening.

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