Wilko Johnson Band and Glenn Tilbrook, Tramshed, Cardiff

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Not often you get the opportunity to see three British rock and pop legends at one gig, yet at the great venue that is the Tramshed, it was an evening to savour.

First up was Glenn Tilbrook, one half of the song writing duo that have made Squeeze such a fan favourite band since the late Seventies.


When not touring as Squeeze Tilbrook and partner Chris Difford can often be found out on the road playing more intimate gigs and providing great value playing selections from Squeeze and their many solo efforts.

Whilst Squeeze songs undoubtedly went down a storm, with choruses sung in unison with the packed crowd, it was his choice of covers that were both interesting and delightful with Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh Well” and Bacharach and David’s “Always Something There To Remind Me” met with an equally great response, and certainly whetted the appetite for the headline act to follow.



Further legends followed in the shape of Wilko Johnson and bassist Norman Watt-Roy, both legendary musicians, Wilko renowned for is time with seminal British RnB band Dr Feelgood and Watt-Roy for his bass work with Ian Dury and the Blockheads and many others including the Clash.

Both musicians belied their years and put to shame younger musicians as Wilko strutted the stage with guitar held menacingly like a musical machine gun spitting out chords whilst Watt-Roy bounced enthusiastically playing funky runs to accompany drummer Dylan Howe’s powerhouse thumping.

It was frenetic stuff with song quickly following song, always after a brief “what’s next” enquiry at the drum stand.

It was a blistering performance that featured old Feelgood’s favourite “Back In The Night” and a riveting version of Chuck Berry’s “Bye Bye Johnny” bringing the evening to a suitable climax and time for everyone to catch their breath, until the next time.



Tony Chapman

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