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Growing up in Penarth my mum would always say Never Forget You’re Welsh and recite this famous Welsh poem to me,

“to be born Welsh is to be born privileged,

Not with a silver spoon in your mouth,

But with music in your blood and poetry in your soul”

And I certainly am privileged being involved in The Band Musical. I grew up listening to Take That. I adored them and so to be in a musical, singing their songs every day certainly feels like I’m involved in something that is in my blood!

Essentially, I think that is why this musical seems to be so special for the amazing audiences that are coming to visit us. It is probably why the musical is the fastest selling tour all of time. This musical is relatable in every sense of the word. The music, the characters and the story of being a fan is in the audience’s blood. It must be why The Band is bringing a non-theatre crowd to these amazing UK theatres.

The musical involves delving into the past of being any fan, the audience see themselves as a teenager in 1993, they see the hopes and dreams they had growing up, they see the bands they loved and the escapism they found by supporting them. They see who they are now compared to what they were and wanted when they were 16. They see the friendships they had and the friendships they have made through being fans of a band.

Having toured for a few months now the feedback we are receiving is just so humbling and fantastic. Not only is it the best feeling to look out and see the audience returning the famous arms out V position for Never Forget but people are saying that the musical is unique. It appears to work on three levels: as a concert, a play and a musical all in one. Once again, what a privilege!


LtoR Jayne McKenna, Emily Joyce, Rachel Lumberg, Alison Fitzjohn credit Matt Crockett

Jayne McKenna, Emily Joyce, Rachel Lumberg, Alison Fitzjohn

credit Matt Crockett

The amazing Five To Five boys provide such energy for the concert element. They sound fantastic, dance so powerfully and yes, I guess they’re quite nice to look at ha ha! The unexpected beautiful story by Tim Firth is making audiences laugh, cry, sing and stand in appreciation. And of course, the music is by the mega talented Take That. Such fantastically constructed singalong songs!

We arrive in Llandudno in November. Having a theatre right on the seafront with the Orme in the distance is just heavenly. What a pleasure! Also, it will be very special to perform at the gorgeous Millennium Centre in Cardiff as it will be a first for me. I’ve always dreamed of rocking it in front of that fantastic wooden designed theatre.  You know what, I cannot wait to bring the show to Wales. I’m very proud to be Welsh and I am pretty sure the passionate Welsh crowds are going to connect with the heart of the musical. I also hope they bring their fantastic voices too as they better not let me down!


The Band, coming to Venue Cymru from 14 – 35 November and Wales Millennium Centre from 9 – 20 January 2018.


  1. Looking forward so much to Llandudno, and it’s such a pleasure to watch you Alison all the cast and the boys and to hear you all singing and enjoying the music of my favourite band in the world ever thank you all so much ❤️?

  2. Love your blog Alison, not only the blog you too as you are amazing. Thank you for bringing the fab character to life with the most amazing cast members.

    I love seeing and speaking to you, too long to wait until Liverpool next year on the 26th of January.

    Thank you thank you Alison!!! xxx

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