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We started at Chapter Arts Centre, Summer 2013.


The study was then called The Audience. A few weekends of open studios with many dancers, teachers and performers coming in to have a go, play the game or help to work it out. Words like response, communicate, connect and some experimentation with a particular feeling, Should I? or Shouldn’t I?


The work went on to become An Invitation… It has taken two and half years to organise but after performances in London, Dance International Glasgow and playing at the Edinburgh Fringe – two years in a row – finally we can announce that from January 2016, An Invitation… will tour in Wales!



In making the work I wanted to address and highlight the value of real face-to-face human interaction and a state of openness and appreciation of people around us. An Invitation… is like a recognition that we happen to be alive in the same moment. The work has been fun to both create and perform, becoming something of a vehicle to meet people. As performers, we are intrepid, and yet uncertain, this is edge of the seat stuff. I should remind, we don’t ask audiences to Do Anything, although rehearsing this piece without an audience is rather dull. Part of the instigation for the work was how to be ‘in the world’ not just on the periphery, but in it, a part of it and furthermore, among people. Having spent a lifetime being somewhat frightened of folk, meetings and parties I thought it’s time to drop it and get on with being alive.



Admittedly, we’ve had our challenges and shit does happen. Three days before we premiered in Edinburgh was one of those mornings where my faith in human kind was utterly tested. Yes, that was a tricky day, particularly when our show is fuelled by the idea that people are great. When we did our first performance I think my first thought was people are great, also beautiful, generous and incredibly funny.


Jo Fong and An Invitation… has been supported by Arts Council of Wales, British Council, Chapter, Coreo Cymru, EU Culture, Rubicon Dance and Sherman Cymru.



An Invitation… takes to the road to venues across Wales.

An Invitation… by Jo Fong

British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2015

British Dance Edition 2016


“An Invitation… is performance distilled to its essence.”  The Guardian


“Radical-witty and entertainingly thought-provoking” The Herald 



Chapter Arts Centre

14, 15, 16th Jan



Volcano Theatre

22, 23rd Jan


Milford Haven

Torch Theatre

26, 27th Feb


Aberystwyth Arts Centre

1, 2nd March


Harlech Theatre 

(Off site Criceith Memorial Hall)

5th March



Royal Exchange Theatre

10,11 and 12th March


British Dance Edition 2016


The Dance House

15, 16th March

Tickets are unavailable for these performances.  BDE delegates showcase only.


Findhorn, Scotland

RISE Dance Festival

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