Jack White: Cinderella for Ballet Cymru

May 7, 2018 by

Ballet Cymru, winners of the Best Dance Production 2016 at the Wales Theatre Awards, presents Cinderella with a specially commissioned music score from award-winning composer Jack White that has been revised for the 2018 tour.

I have revised the score so that this ensemble will now be playing live for the ballet.  I was able to record the ensemble playing different parts of the music so that when the company goes on tour they have an updated version of the music.  I have made a few revisions to the tempi of different movements after discussions with Darius James and we now believe that the flow of the work has been improved. 


I am looking forward to the ensemble performing live on the night as it will help the audience to relate to the organisation of the character themes which have been worked out between the instruments.  For example, I have decided to use the high and piercing Eflat clarinet for the Ugly Sisters theme to reflect their capriciousness and spite. 


You can find more information about this and other compositions on my website www.jacknotchris.com

The musicians who will play live are Beth Linton (woodwind):  Carly Stone (violin)and Rachel Waters (cello)

 Cinderella rehearsals:



Images: Sian Trenberth

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