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June 6, 2018 by
After our performance of Everything Changes at this year’s Cardiff Fringe Festival, we keep the transforming of myths/story telling through our next long and harsh venture, though one that shall be highly redeeming.
James Joyce’s Ulysses needs little introduction. This behemoth of Modernist literature is both loved and loathed in equal measure, its density tantamount to later camp. Set on the 16th June 1904 in Dublin, the Homer inspired reimagining pulls the focus on Leo Bloom (hence Bloomsday), his wife Molly and Steven Dedalus. These three remarkable characters go about their day, within the most creative and austere wordsmithery you might ever encounter. It is our goal to make this greatest book of the 20th Century more accessible. Having said this, how do I channel Joyce? How do I channel Bloom?
Readings from the work itself will be the backbone of our show, though we are inviting guests to read their favourite extracts, or a part they have over looked. What I am picking to recite has been on my mind recently, though there are so many outstanding moments in the book, I shall soon forget these concerns. We plan to have Love’s Old Sweet Song as part of the show, the song Molly is to sing on the day, though you’ll have to come along to see what we do.
Performance art trickery is also on the cards and we plan to do an installation with paper, (purely recycled paper, of course). We are also delighted to confirm Emma Coulthard shall be doing some of Molly’s sensations closing monologue (famous of it’s fluid use of grammar) and even some flute music is in order.
Dressing up in Edwardian attire is fair game on every Bloomsday and here in Cardiff is no different. Buzz Magazine has kindly billed the event, though added the remark: “If you’re more educated than me and you know what Bloomsday attire is”. I guess this proves the division that exists with Joyce lovers and everyone else? Put simply, it’s Edwardian clothes. We have prizes for best dressed and a group selfie is a must by the end of the night.
Any one interested in reading should contact us ASAP, as we expect a lot of interest.
Let’s make Dublin jealous!
Re:Joyce! Celebrating Ulysses on Bloomsday is at Little Man Coffee, Cardiff on 16th June 2018. Book tickets below:
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