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November 24, 2017 by

Following the outpouring of #MeToo stories from people who have experienced sexual harassment and abuses of power, Re-Live felt compelled to create the opportunity for people working in the creative industries in Wales to be able to share their stories anonymously in English or Welsh.

The aim of the bilingual event, supported by the Sherman Theatre, is to provide a space for these stories to be heard by an audience, followed by a discussion on how we work together to bring about change in the creative industries in Wales.

We would like to thank everyone who has already submitted an anonymous story to the #MeToo Wales sharing. Since it launched last Wednesday we have received a number of powerful testimonies to experiences of sexual harassment and abuses of power in the creative industries in Wales. The writers of the stories have shown great courage in speaking out and have sensitively avoided naming individuals or themselves. What is clear is the honesty of their experiences and the need for these stories to be heard.

There are already patterns of behaviour that are emerging. A lot of the time people don’t feel anyone will believe them or they blame themselves for what happened or they worry about the impact on future work. We hope this event will enable our community to come together to start addressing these issues and for people to realise they are not alone.

The event is not to name and shame, it’s about giving people a platform to share their experiences of abuses of power and sexual harassment so there can be positive change to our working culture in Wales.


For more information or to share your story anonymously please visit: http://www.re-live.org.uk/metoo/

Date: Sat 25 Nov 2017

Time: 7pm

Location: Sherman Theatre

Info and ticket info here: http://www.re-live.org.uk/metoo/



Arts Scene in Wales is supporting this event

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