Tiger Bay the Musical, Wales Millennium Centre

November 22, 2017 by

This production of Tiger Bay seemed quite enigmatic when it was first advertised on billboards all over Cardiff where it was constantly in sight.

I did not know what to think of this show before I saw it as the posters did not give away anything about the plot itself. However, I must say that it was an absolutely fantastic musical that I extremely enjoyed and would like to see again.

To begin with, I noticed the very mature crowd and did not think this production would be for me as I was much younger than most people there. However, I was proven wrong after the 2 hours and 47 minutes in the auditorium. I feared that this time period would feel very long. Yet it passed very quickly due to how entertained I was, as moving and emotional as this musical was. It was also full of wit and jokes that mainly Welsh folk would understand and/or relate to, and I clearly wasn’t the only one to think so as laughter filled the room.

The accents as well really made it feel very Welsh, I couldn’t tell if they were real but they sounded authentic.

The dramatic scenes were really emphasised by effective atmospheric lighting, and the costumes really set the scene of the time the production was set in, more than a hundred years ago.

The actors were all also very believable and clearly a talented ensemble, especially with such voices, bring to life all of the songs that were very catchy and mainly upbeat.

This is a musical that I would definitely recommend to people of all ages and Wales should be proud of this achievement.

Wales Millennium Centre.  Until November 22, 2017.



Sanaz Safari is a member of the Stage and Screen group at Cardiff West Community High School. She is a New Voices reviewer supported by Wales Critics Fund.



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