Brêcshit, Bara Caws, Club show

March 16, 2018 by

Bara Caws is touring a new production Brêcshit.

Described as a Club Show which, the company says, is a brand unique to Bara Caws in the world of Welsh language theatre.

The company has invited some stalwarts of the genre, along with one unsuspecting newbie, to co-write the script.

So, Iwan Charles, Manon Elis, Llyr Evans and Gwenno Elis Hodgkins have already been scribbling away under the eagle eye of John Glyn Owen, who takes on the role of dramaturg and director.

4 actors but tens of characters – lots of laughter, provocation, satire and, most definitely ….filth…

“Doris Morris’s family has been farming at Bryn-Cwd-yr-Arian for generations, but following the Brexit referendum, poor Doris has had to find alternative means of making ends meet.  By now she is running a therapeutic clinic which is also a haven for people with all sorts of problems.  Will this new business venture keep the wolf from the door?   Will Doris succeed in securing her inheritance?  And how healthy is colonic irrigation if truth be told? – We’ll see!”


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