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February 10, 2017 by

We have linked up with The Other Room at Porter’s to offer one person the chance to get their hands on a pair of tickets for each show in the Spring season now under way – plus a programme and a bottle of house red or white wine per show!

This package is worth well over  £100 but as this is a special fund-raising offer for the Wales Critics Fund it is available to ONE person who emails 


and pledges £75

Tickets are, of course, subject to availability and will be booked by our lucky pledger directly with the venue –  details will be provided.

Here are the shows:

Sinners Club

Co-produced by The Other Room, Gagglebabble and Theatr Clwyd

By Lucy Rivers

Directed by Titas Halder


Tue 7 – Fri 24 February, 7.30pm


Welcome to the Sinners Club, a club like no other, where the band never stops and the drink keeps on flowing.  Your hostess for the evening has some confessions to make, some songs to sing about love, jealousy, loss, and a story that will take you to hell and back. Sinners Club is pure gig-theatre from the same team who brought you ‘The Bloody Ballad’, set in a drinking joint where all lost souls are welcome.  



Produced by The Other Room

By Hywel John

Directed by Kate Wasserberg


Tue 14 March – Sat 1 April, 7.30pm


Seanmhair : feminine : Scots Gaelic : Grandmother

Pronounciation : ˈʃɛ.nə.vɛrʲ : Shen•a•var


A chance meeting between two children on the streets of Edinburgh leads to a terrible reckoning, leaving Jenny and Tommy forever bound together by blood and fate. Brutal and beautiful, Hywel John’s remarkable new play glimmers and cuts like a jewel, fusing raw epic romance with guttural urban poetry to tell the story of a secret generational legacy of love, violence and fury.


Hywel John is the Welsh writer of Pieces (★★★★, The Guardian) and Rose (★★★★, The Telegraph, The Times and The Evening Standard).


Escape The Scaffold

Co-produced by The Other Room, Mongrel Thumb and Theatre503

By Titas Halder

Directed by Hannah Price


Wed 19 April – Sat 6 May, 7.30pm – The Other Room, Cardiff


Escape the Scaffold is a dark and dangerous psychological thriller set against the background of a rapidly changing world. Three best friends hunker down in their student house, forced to make decisions that will mark them for the rest of their lives. Get a job. Get married. Put down the tequila and take the money. Save yourself. Love triangle turns to murderous betrayal. Youthful idealism is tested, paranoia takes hold, and real life melts into a nightmare world. The basement is filling with water and there is a monster in the house.


Escape The Scaffold combines classic thriller elements with pitch-black humour and magic realism.


The Other Room at Porter’s is Cardiff’s pub theatre, founded in response to the exciting opportunity to develop an audience for drama in the heart of Cardiff. An intense, purpose-built space with 47 seats, housed within Porter’s bar, The Other Room produces new work by Welsh and Wales-based artists and great modern plays and has fast established a reputation for quality and daring. The Other Room won Fringe Theatre of the Year at the 2016 Stage Awards and Best Production, Best Play, Best Director and Best Actor at the Wales Theatre Awards 2016 for their opening season. The theatre is also a finalist in the Arts category of the Cardiff Life Awards 2017.



Yr unig theatr mewn dafarn yng Nghaerdydd yw The Other Room.  Sefydlwyd fel ymateb i’r cyfle i ddatblygu gynulleidfa i theatr yng nghalon ein brif ddinas.  Mae’n adeilad bwrpasol, ddwys, gyda 47 o seddau, sydd wedi ei ymgartrefu yn nhafarn Porter’s.  Cynhyrchir  ddramau newydd gan ddramodwyr ac artistiaid Cymraeg sydd yn byw yng Nghymru. Mae The Other Room ag enw da ar gyfer  gwaith mentrus, heriol, pleserus a diddorol . Enillodd The Other Room wobr ‘Fringe Theatre of the Year’ ym 2016 oddi wrth The Stage. Ymysg Gwobrau Theatr Cymraeg 2016 enillodd The Other Room Drama Gorau, Cynhyrchiad Gorau a Chyfarwyddydd Gorau yn ystod eu tymor cyntaf. Mae’r theatr hefyd yn y rownd derfynol o’r gategori celfyddydol ar gyfer gwobrau Cardiff Life 2017.

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