Flying Bridge’s Astrid is online and on the case

June 29, 2020 by

Flying Bridge Theatre Company has secured funding from Arts Council Wales to launch a new online repertory theatre company. Their first season will be a series of brand-new plays for voices set in South Wales.

Adapted from a book of short stories by Alan Roderick, Astrid Investigates follows the fortunes of Astrid Price, an urban gumshoe detective who prowls the mean streets of a South Wales in the not-too-distant future. In this brave new world, Wales has become a republic and the art of espionage between Old England and the newly formed Republic of Cymru is alive and drop-kicking.

Recorded live in one take with each company member performing remotely from different locations across Wales, the plays will be performed in English and in Welsh and produced under the banner of Flying Bridge Online Repertory Company.

Co-Director of Flying Bridge Theatre Company and director and co-writer of Astrid Investigates, Tim Baker (above) said, “We’re stripping theatre back to its most basic of forms to that of the voice, to find a way to tell our stories. We’re excited by the juxtaposition of a 50s style radio play presented digitally in the name of online theatre. We have also seen this as an opportunity to explore the actor’s voice. With a company of just three or four performers playing all characters across all plays this will present a unique and fun challenge to our small company of actors.”

Co-Director of Flying Bridge Theatre Company and co-writer and producer of Astrid Investigates, Wales Theatre Awards winner Daniel Llewelyn-Williams (main image) said, “We’re thrilled to be able to launch a new online company with these plays and we are very grateful to Arts Council Wales for recognising the potential of a project such as this. Like so many other theatre companies we had a carefully mapped-out plan of live theatre performances coming up this year and next and, of course, we’re now having to improvise like everybody else.”

Tim Baker said, “These are unprecedented times for theatre, everybody has had to adapt but it’s a challenge we’ve tackled with positivity and not a little fun at Flying Bridge with these tales of the fascinating Astrid Price”.
The series is due to begin next month with a live online broadcast and the company is now turning its attention to finding its Astrid.

He added, “Astrid is a national hero who captained the Welsh rugby team in their heyday, kicking the national team to victory in the Rugby World Cup and now, in her retirement, she has chosen to follow her true calling… justice. Astrid is no wallflower, falling between the law and the criminal underworld, as she embarks on a journey to prove to her evasive adversaries that this female detective is the surest shepherd to a courtroom they’ll ever encounter.”

Daniel says; “It’s such a fun role, I’d love to play her myself but we’re now on the look-out for a great Welsh actress to take on Astrid”.

Astrid Investigates will open next month with a live online stream of the pilot play in the series, Where are you Nero?

For more information and further announcements people should visit or follow the company on Facebook @flyingbridgeetc.

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