Maes B at the National Eisteddfod

July 30, 2018 by

Maes B organiser, Guto Brychan, said, “It’s great to announce the line-ups for Maes B today, and we are delighted that the festival will be held in Cardiff Bay, close to all the other Eisteddfod activities.

“We’ve got strong and varied line-ups this year, combining some of the biggest names in the scene with newer artists like Los Blancos, Cadno and Serol Serol, creating evening which will appeal to fans of all the different genres of music in the scene at the moment.

“Maes B is a very important stage for the Welsh scene, and is a chance for the audience to her new and alternative bands on the same line-up as more famous names.  This can only be a healthy thing for the scene.

It’s fair to say that every band and artist gigging in Wales has dreamed of headlining Saturday night at Maes B during their careers.  This year sees Yr Eira take the coveted slot, and lead singer, Lewys Wyn, said, “It’s good to be able to announce that we’ll be closing Saturday night at the 2018 Eisteddfod.

“Over the past few years, this slot has grown to be one of the most memorable – if not the most memorable – night in the Welsh calendar, so it’s an honour to be headlining this year.  We’re not going to break any records like Yws Gwynedd did last year but I’m sure there’ll be a few exciting surprised this year, so bring your grandmother, grandfather and hamster, as this will be a party to remember!”

Aberystwyth University is sponsoring Maes B once again this year, and , ac meddai Dr Rhodri Llwyd Morgan, Deputy Vice Chancellor for the Welsh Language, Culture and External Engagement, “This is undoubtedly the biggest annual event of the Welsh music scene and Aberystwyth University is delighted to lend its support as main sponsor.

“Maes B provides a showcase for the scene’s top musical talent and it is fitting for us as a University to support an event which gives thousands of young people in Wales the opportunity to enjoy the cream of contemporary Welsh artists.”

2018 Maes B Line-ups:

Wednesday 8 August:Band Pres Llareggub, Y Cledrau, Cadno, Gwilym

Thursday 9 August: Yr Ods, HMS Morris, Omaloma, Serol Serol

Friday 10 August:Y Reu, Mellt, Chroma, Los Blancos

Saturday 11 August:Yr Eira, Cpt Smith, Adwaith, Brwydr y Bandiau winners


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