No Fit State goes East and West

February 10, 2016 by

Cardiff’s contemporary circus company marks its 30th anniversary with performances of Bianco at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Hong Kong (February 17-21) and at St Ann’s Warehouse, New York City (May 3-29).

The international work involves sending 40 company members, 1.5km of rope, and nearly 16 tonnes of equipment across 25,000km of sea, air and land.



In Hong Kong, the company will use new aluminium structures specially commissioned by the presenting partner (Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department), and in New York the company’s iconic ‘spaceship’ tent will be pitched up in an even more iconic location; underneath the Brooklyn Bridge overpass.

Tom Rack, Creative Producer for BIANCO said,: “When we first started the company back in 1986, there were three places we wanted to tick off our touring ‘bucket list’, they were London, New York and anywhere in Australia.

“We ticked off two of those when we performed at London’s Roundhouse and Perth International Festival a few years ago, so when we finally get to see ‘NoFit State’ plastered on billboards in Hong Kong and in New York this year, it will be a really proud moment for everyone involved with the company.”


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