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‘Like eavesdropping on the home life of a serial killer’ The Scotsman

‘Neo-noir psychological horror…frequently unpleasant’ Exeunt Magazine

‘STRANGE NEWES’ one of the most grotesque performances ever staged, will appear at the Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff, for one night only, on Saturday 14th April.



Shaun Caton, one of the UK’s most captivating and iconic performers,  teams up with  collaborator, Paul Hurley and musician, Luke Harney to create a  stunning new performance.  With themes ranging from a post apocalyptic society, cannibalism, genetic mutation and monstrosities, this performance is not for the feint hearted.

Caton, a virtuoso  live artist, has performed worldwide over the past 35 years and is widely seen as one of the few remaining grand guignol perfomers. His performers are unique and dazzling, using full colour shadow projections, bizarre masks, and many props to create an unforgettable experience. 


The performance forms parts of Experimenetica 2018.


‘STRANGE NEWES’ will be performed at the Chapter Arts Centre on 14th April from 6-7.30PM. 

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