Theatr Iolo seek to capture children’s experiences

May 15, 2020 by

Theatr Iolo are looking for families in Wales to take part in a new project to capture their experiences during the outbreak of COVID-19, both now and once the lockdown measures start to be eased.

Twenty20: Experiences of an Extraordinary Year, will use video and audio interviews, as well as fun activities to learn more about the experiences of families with children during 2020.

The theatre company, who make work for children and young people, are working with artists Tracy Harris and Paul Jenkins to gather a wide range of family experiences, with the hope that one day they can be made into a piece of theatre.

Lee Lyford, Artistic Director (Theatr Iolo) said, “As one of the leading theatre companies for children and young people in Wales, exploring themes that are relevant to children and young people, is at the very heart of what we do. Through sharing stories, we seek to support them to navigate the complex, and sometimes confusing, world in which they live.

This ambition has never been more relevant than it is now. It’s so important during this time that we listen to young people and hear about their concerns and worries, but also their hopes and desire to be agents for change. Future generations will want to look back and hear about what it was like during this time. It’s our responsibility to make sure that young people’s experiences are recorded and we’re so excited to be working alongside Tracy and Paul to make this happen.”

Tracy Harris and Paul Jenkins, who work under the name Theatr3, were part of Theatr Iolo’s Platfform project in 2016, where they created Twenty16, an original, raw and powerful piece of theatre, created and made with teenagers that traced their journey from childhood to adulthood. They also recently took part in Theatr Iolo’s New Writing project in 2018/19 where they interviewed children and young people about a wide range of issues from current affairs through to their own personal aspirations. This was developed into a short-rehearsed reading that was performed at the Sherman Theatre last autumn. As Tracy and Paul were in the process of deciding where to take the piece next, COVID-19 hit, schools closed their doors to most learners and the pair realised this presented a new opportunity.

In the next stage of research and development, Tracy and Paul are keen to develop this further, giving voice to young people and families in Wales under lockdown. Theatr Iolo are excited to support Tracy and Paul with the next stage of development and to capture the voice of children and the adults in their family during this tumultuous time.
Theatr Iolo are looking for families from all backgrounds, that have at least one child aged between 6-16. The company are keen to represent a range of experiences and the full geography of Wales. The families who are invited to participate will be offered a £20 gift voucher and 4 free tickets for each future performance by Theatr Iolo within the next calendar year.

If you’re interested in taking part in the project please visit or email to find out how to apply.
For more information, please contact:
Theatr Iolo
Tel: 029 2061 3782


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