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August 24, 2016 by

The countdown has started – the end of the eligibility period for the Wales Theatre Awards is only weeks away. For consideration for the 2017 awards the shows will need to have been created and performed in Wales between December 1 2015 and November 30, 2016.

If you have a professional show created and performed in Wales that you think could be in with a chance of an award have you made sure you have reached out to critics to come along and review it? If it isn’t reviewed, it cannot be nominated and cannot win!

There are categories for opera, theatre and dance – check out to check all of the categories.

How to get reviewed?

If you are venue based nag your marketing/press people to make sure all of the media in Wales including online know about the show. Ask them who is coming to review the show. Ask if they have actually invited reviewers wither individually or by publication/platform?

If you are an individual artist or arts organisation you need to do the same of wherever you are performing – or contact the media yourself. Need help doing that?

Contact Arts Awards Ltd, the company that runs the Wales Theatre Awards and Wales Critics Fund, and they will help by pointing you in the right direction.


Arts Awards Ltd will get back in touch with you with help and advice – and all free.














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