Beth Hart, St David’s Hall 

April 23, 2018 by

I must admit the name Beth Hart hadn’t appeared on my musical radar until very recently.

The Grammy nominated American singer was often mentioned as one to look out for yet, for whatever reason, her work escaped me, until now, and listening to her recorded work turned out an absolute pleasure.

Her strong bluesy voice and well-crafted songs were a joy to listen to, but, nothing that would quite prepare me for hearing that very same voice live. It was quite simply immense.

Fronting her three-piece band featuring guitarist Jon Nichols, bassist Bob Marinelli, and drummer Bill Ransom it was the voice that dominated in what turned out to be a quite stunning evening.

Every song had a story and Hart didn’t shy away from telling the audience about the trials and tribulations that affected her all her life and her songs proved just the therapy required to turn her life around and no doubt, helping countless others come to terms with their own demons with her honesty.



She credits her husband Scott as crucial in her recovery and he joins her on stage after she paid tribute with the beautiful My California, swiftly followed by songs dedicated to her mother, Mama This Ones For You and father, Tell Her You Belong To Me, about the ‘other woman’ in her absent father’s life.

It would be wrong to pigeon-hole her as just a blues singer and along with her very capable band she performed a varied array of songs and, whether it be Country, Jazz, Soul or good old Rock, she always stamped her mark on everything with her exceptional voice, whilst showing she’s no slouch herself when accompanying herself on piano and guitar.

In a performance just short of two hours it was one of those nights that you wished would never end. Quite how Beth Hart is able to sing with such power and intensity each night is quite incredible and something to behold.

Seeming genuinely moved by the occasion and her packed audience’s response we can only hope that it’s not the last time we see this talent that Beth Hart brings to each performance and hopefully a quick return to the capital is high on Hart’s touring agenda. 


Images: Tony Woolway


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