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Based on the famous Fairy Tale Cinderella, RCT theatre’s pantomime is guaranteed to please all the family this festive season.

Cinderella must escape the clutches of her ugly step sisters and, with the help of her Fairy Godmother and her best friend Buttons, she must get to the ball and meet her Prince Charming.

My favourite character is Buttons. Kit Orton gives a great performance as the silly, funny friend. He is friendly and tries his utmost to cheer up Cinderella when her sisters are being cruel. Frank Vickery and Richard Tunley are excellent as the ugly stepsisters, Kylie and Mylie. Their dialogue is hilarious as they try to one up each other constantly. Clare Hingott is the fairy Godmother and is also excellent. In fact, the whole ensemble cast are fantastic.



The costumes are very artistic and ridiculous, especially the stepsister’ numerous outfits. My favourite outfit was the ice cream outfits. The music is also brilliant. I thought it was really creative to us songs from films, such as Frozen and Tangled. The atmosphere was brilliant, everybody really enjoyed.

The script is really well written. It is really funny and the use of contemporary references such as jokes about celebrities is great and really makes the audience laugh. The set is also amazing. The best part is the scene where the Fairy Godmother uses her magic to get Cinderella to the ball. The fantastic horse puppet is a really original idea and much better than having a wooden or costume horse.

All in all, the pantomime is an excellent performance which is sure to inspire young people’s imaginations. A great way to celebrate the Christmas season.

Heledd Williams, aged 9


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