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A packed Riverfront clearly loved this revival of the Darius James and Amy Doughty’s charming yet cheeky, flowing and fun choreography for this nicely dark retelling of the Cinderella story.

The enjoyment came from not only the artistry of new and established Ballet Cymru dancers and the involvement of the company’s excellent associates by also the aerial skills garnered by working with Citrus Arts and the bright and delightful revisited score from composer Jack White.

Steve Denton’s bird costumes and main costumes and set designs by the choreographers and Chris Illingworth’s lighting designs, that include video and graphics, are also vital elements of this story-telling which returns to some of the gruesomeness of the Grimm story (toe-curling stuff indeed) rather than Disney fluff.

Beth Medway and Robbie Moorcroft


As we have step sister and step brother, (James Parratt and Maria Teresa Brunello) rather than the traditional panto ugly sisters, it takes a scene or two to quite work out who is who (my fault for forgetting this change but once the Bird (as in fairy godmother) appears all slips into place smoother than Cinderella’s ballet slipper.

With the Newport-based company’s commitment to adding Welsh flavor to their work, the young prince is called Madoc and his best mate Maldwyn, roles taken by the strong Robbie Moorcroft and a sprightly Miguel Fernandes. Cinderella is an enchanting characterisation danced by Beth Medway and the frisky spell weaving Bird is danced by the lovely Krystal Lowe. Eka Mastrangelo is the deliciously sinister stepmother and Daniel Morrison the ineffectual father.

That handsome, mellow score is played by Beth Linton, Caryl Stone and Rachel Waters.

The show now tours extensively including Blackwood, Milford Haven, Bangor and Abergavenny


Main image Krystal Lowe


Images: Sian Trenberth


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Jack White in his score:

Jack White: Cinderella for Ballet Cymru


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