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I have not had the pleasure of enjoying a circus show since I was a child and was initially sceptical at what level of performance I was about to witness. Cirque Berserk kicked off to an electrifying start with the Timbuktu Tumblers and their impressive acrobatic skills taking them from creating pyramids to attacking the limbo through fire!

There are a total of 14 acts that we see throughout the two acts of the show and each time we witness their spectacular acts the level of skills are turned up a notch.


Cirque Berserk! Photo by Piet-Hein Out. img157

Cirque Berserk! 2 Piet-Hein Out

Cirque Berserk! Photo by Piet-Hein Out. im169


My favourite acts were the Globe of Death and Jose and Gaby who are really polar opposites of each other but that was what was so great about the show was the incredible variety of acts that worked so well. Globe of Death got people talking in their seats even before the show had begun! The hell raiser act really did steal the show with it’s death defying and fearless routine which saw 4 motorcycles enter the sphere ball with speeds of up to 60 mph, there were many loud gasps in the audience, including a few from myself at what we were witnessing. I also really enjoyed watching the tender and beautiful act of duo Jose and Gaby whose strength and complete trust in each other was a real treat to behold and admire, in particular a part of their exquisite physical theatre that was reminiscent of Swan Lake.

One of the big appeals of the show is that it is suitable for all the family to enjoy. It has a touch of the wow factor that Cirque du Soliel excels in as well as a hint of the tongue in cheek acts of Circus of Horrors. There is plenty of audience interaction; avoid sitting in the first few rows if that isn’t your cup of tea. A family favourite act is Tweedy the clown that will have you laughing even if this kind of act isn’t really your thing.

As with so many acts crammed into such a short space of time (shy of 2 hours including an interval) you may wish to skip a few of the less thrilling acts that aren’t to your tastes and get to the real ticket selling act of the show Globe of Death but it really is worth the wait if you can hold out.

Cirque Berserk is a real bonanza of entertainment with a heart pounding score that sets pulses rating in anticipation of what is yet to come. I really do recommend giving it a watch if you fancy a circus show with a touch of the wild and wonderful.


Wales Millennium Centre until April 1

Images: Piet-Hein Out

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