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Clear Cut is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever! SVJdance and Cardiff MADE are introducing the spanking new initiative ‘Clear Cut-Out.’

We’re taking residence at the renowned music venue the Globe where we’ll be presenting the very best of contemporary performance art, including dance, new music, video, spoken word and theatre.

With a selected programme of exceptional new work that will challenge, seduce and surprise the audience, prepare to expect the unexpected and experience something unforgettable.





Will Salter (Vocal Artist/Host)

Will presents a distinctive brand of phonetic performance which straddles the modes of literature and music. His performances are indicatively engaging and humorous but he insists that any reaction to his work is the right reaction – a call back to sound poetry’s Dada routes, where the lack of persuasive intention in art was a cornerstone.


{Tangled Arête} – Suze De Lee (Performance Artist)

Mythic vocalizations connecting with space. A new narrative explores a textual, physical and vocal reality. The aural reality will represent and become the sound and voices of the site through use of text relevant to the site of performance. The audio of a live vocal performance will be recorded altered, looped and played back into the space. The performer will respond in movement sound and improvised text.


TURNING WORLDS in collaboration with Richard Hoadley present (Interactive Dance/Music Collaboration)

Choreograms puts ‘old’ notation into new interactive performance systems to trigger dance, music and poetic invention. Savouring how the baroque is concerned with ornamentation, Choreograms is a complex compositional web spun by sophisticated dancers and musicians & sensor technologies.

Choreographer: Jane Turner | Composer: Richard Hoadley | Poet: Phil Terry | Dancers: Ann Pidcock ,Natacha Bisarre, Gwen Jones, Grégoire A. Meyer| Musicians: Jimmy Ottley: ‘cello,Darius Gray | Costume: Sam Dightam


Poems from the Inside (Spoken Word)

Rosie Bufton will take you through a journey of incarceration with this select series of poems. Most of the poems were crafted through an autoethnographic research project and they explore the experience of prison; confinement, isolation, inner conflict and the prisons we make for ourselves.


Ben Thomas’ Leap Of Faith (Music/Visual Art)

Leap Of Faith is a live interpretation of the creative collaboration between trumpeter/composer Ben Thomas and artist Robyn Hobbs. As the performance unfolds both artist and musician respond to one another creating an intriguing visual soundscape.


Knots Cymylau (Dance/Film)

Gareth Chambers in collaboration with film maker Aaron Cooper will present a dance and film based piece which explores Welsh identity, mental illness and what it is to dance when one has suffered trauma. ‘Identity provides links between the personal and the social. The body becomes a site for this construction.’


Nevsky Perspective (Music/Visual Art)

Following excommunication from a 3 years study of professional Jazz guitar at the Conservatoire de Lausanne, Switzerland, Hervé Girardin sought refuge in Wales. Blending from a fusion of traditional and modernist songwriting, Girardin takes cues from blues, indie pop, krautrock, electronica, folk and noise.  Nevsky Perspective’s live show flutter between simmering moments of quiet contemplativeness to explosions of musical intensity, which are enhanced by interactive visual projections.


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Clear-Cut OUT

The Globe| 6th of October | 7.30pm

£6 in advance and £7.50 on the door | Trailer

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