Flossy and Boo’s Curiosity Shop, Chapter

July 25, 2015 by


Fresh from performances at almost every summer festival Flossy and Boo have dragged their

Curiosity Shop back to Cardiff to share their wares before hitting the Edinburgh Fringe.


The colourful duo ran away from the circus, travelling the world to collect rare objects of interest to

display on their stall. From the (surprisingly hard to catch) common cold to the not so intriguing

clothes iron – every item has a fantastical story attached to it detailing how the twins climbed

mountains and swan oceans to acquire the curiosities.


With just two ukulele and the occasional bit of imaginative percussion Flossy (Anja Conti) and Boo

(Laura Jeffs) treat the audience to a plethora of catchy tunes. Their ditty about a miserable jellyfish

and his beautiful wife Pearl is sure to get stuck in your head for days on end.


Along the way we meet some of their former circus co-stars. Will you be selected to perform death

defying stunts with the husband and wife gymnastics team, the Fantabulous Duo? Or will the

amazing Aunt Theodora see into your future in her glittering crystal ball? With a healthy dose of

audience interaction the pair kept the audience on their toes, constantly chattering away to people

and giving them the chance to determine the next part of the show in high stakes rounds of Rock,

Paper, Scissors.


Younger ones will be absolutely captivated by the cheeky double act’s vibrant songs and stories. Yet,

without ever resorting to adult humour, they will also kept the grownups entertained – in fact this

audience was distinctly lacking in children. The laughs were plentiful and from the belly allowing

everyone to enjoy letting their imaginations run wild.


The energetic physicality combined with the girls’ easy onstage charm immediately draws you in.

The twosome have clearly been performing together for a long time meaning they can go off script,

reacting genuinely to the audience without ever missing a beat of their perfectly timed routines.

If you are looking for something dripping in imagination that will leave a smile on your face and song

on your lips make sure you don’t miss Flossy and Boo’s Curiosity Shop at the Edinburgh Fringe this



An absolute joy!

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