Glitch Festival, Llandudno

October 15, 2016 by

Oriel MOSTYN Gallery in Llandudno is playing host to this year’s Gŵyl Glitch Festival, and if the opening night is anything to go by attendees are in for a treat.

The free festival; yes, free festival opened its doors at 6pm on Friday evening (Friday 14th October) and is set to challenge your perceptions of what art is and who art is for.

Ok, so it’s set in a gallery. But that’s as far as any preconceived ideas will take you. This festival is young, fresh and full of beautifully amazing things that will make you question everything. Then you find out that the entire festival has been produced by the Glitch Collective, who are all young people from North Wales all under the age of 25.

Just that alone is enough to inspire you. The fact that they’ve tried to create an arts festival their way is great. It wouldn’t matter if they didn’t do it very well would it? It’s just nice to see young people doing something, right?

Well, yes. But the thing is, they have done it right.

No. That’s doing them a disservice. They haven’t just done it right. They’ve excelled. They’ve knocked it out the park and they’ve done it in style.

I’ve been to a lot of arts events in the past but never one like this. Glitch have somehow managed to seamlessly combine a classic arts event with a music festival to create a true celebration of creativity. Glitch is fun. Glitch is unique. Glitch needs to be a yearly event.

Live music, virtual reality lab and the robot wrekshop are just three of the things that make this festival extra special. Add in the gorgeously creative exhibits that really do make you take a step back and think, and you’ve got something really special that you’d be a fool to miss.

I don’t want to spoil the surprises by revealing everything, but I will say the VR lab is something you really must try. Forget those SEGA VR machines of the 1990s or those over-priced boxes you can stick your phone in to create those lovely 3D images inches from your face. This is a whole different experience. Charles gives you a ‘fully immersive experience’ that is genuinely fully immersive.

My other favourite was the Robot Wrekshop where you get to bust up some stuff and then build some really cool new stuff.

And yes, if you have to bring your kids you can. They will enjoy it too. But to be honest I would suggest leaving them at grandmas and go play without them. Or at the very least, take them during the day but then get a babysitter and head to the party during the evening. Although I’d suggest using the VR before having a glass of wine.

If you missed opening night, the festival is running from 11am until 11pm on Saturday 15th and continues from 11am until 3pm on Sunday 16th.



You can find out more about the Glitch Festival at

If you’re interested in joining the Glitch Collective, they are always looking for new members and you can find out a little more about them here Or find a member of the Collective at the festival and they can tell you all about it.

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