Lexicon – No Fit State Circus, Cardiff Bay

June 6, 2018 by
After blockbuster hits such as Bianco, No Fit State make for electric theatre. Half way down our city’s barrage, a familiar circus top was our setting for a far from usual show. With some outstanding international talent, Lexicon is another huge success for the company. Although slight on story (you would really need to speak fluent French and Italian to drink in all the words), you become easily swept away with this dissent from normality.
The physical skill of these artists are unbounded, leaving you both in awe and slightly envious of their talents. Children and adults alike were taken with this show and it works for both on many levels. Though if you do come see it, sit in the middle of the rows, as the metal suspension towers do block some of the action for those on the aisle. With a striking variety of acts, we had stunning aerial work, making us gasp as they flung themselves to the floor, true moments of heart stopping tension. Silly unicycle stunts with an adorable young man, who wows us with an absurdly tall bike and his putting a tuxedo on whilst cycling was a highly impressive feat.
Three strapping men spinning in large hoops, a grand moment of humour and wonderment, one of many humorous parts is another highlight. Two acrobats also turn heads with their hair-raising flips into each others arms (I needed a moment after watching these two), another testament to the sexy execution of their craft. Though the real wow moment comes at the start, when the classroom tables begin to ascend to the sky, as the headmistress flies off her high chair to scold the children messing about with paper airplanes.
Another highlight was the pure Lynchian moment of Blue Velvet lighting and deep, moody synths as metal structures raise above us. The creepy doll-like moment of the figures attached with rope, was a weird experience made all the wonderful with the bouncy choreography that went with it. Come to think of it, there are so many wonderful moment that you could only really enjoy it live.
Lexicon has to be seen to be believed.
Lexicon continues till 9th June 2018.

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