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Our family review


A few thoughts from Nia, Rhydian and Megan….

We all loved the show and each gave it ten out of ten! As in previous years the sets and costumes were stunning and we particularly liked the dwarves outfits which really made them look as if they had tiny legs! We thought it was really funny the way they referenced the “little man” jokes from the recent series of “I’m a Celebrity” to bring the show right up to date!


mike doyle
The characters were good with Rhydian particularly liking Gareth Thomas (of course!!) and Chico. Megan also thought that Gareth Thomas was really funny and Nia thought that Mike Doyle was excellent as always – he has become one of the highlights of the annual New Theatre pantomime for all of us!


panto 1
Samantha Womack was excellent as the witch Lucretia and played her with just the right mixture of evil and humour!

Although repeated from previous years the slapstick “if I were not in pantomime” routine was hilarious – especially when Chico hit Muddles in the face with a frying pan! We also really liked the “Apple Watch” scene.

One thought from mum:

Why do the “heroines” of these pantos always have to be so pathetic? I know that panto is all about tradition but surely in 2017 we shouldn’t have to have the heroine waiting to be saved by the kiss of a charming prince? Personally I would rather my girls were inspired by almost any member of the cast rather than wimpy Snow White!

and Mamgi:

This was a very spirited production  with a couple of episodes of excellent slapstick comedy.  I did think much of the verbal humour was more for we grown ups and went over the children’s heads. The scenery was a delight as were the Severn Dwarfs.

Until Jan 14.


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