Stolen, The Devil’s Violin, Chapter, Cardiff

December 2, 2017 by

The production of Stolen, performed by The Devil’s Violin, was certainly an intriguing one.

There wasn’t much to it in terms of a visual performance with the attention on the storyteller, Daniel Morden, and the two other performers, Sarah Moody and Oliver Wilson-Dickson, one with a violin and the other, a cello.

It was the combining of story and music which was interesting.

However, I could not keep up with the story but it was a full house and the seemingly specialised and mature audience seemed to have really been enjoying themselves.

This particular type of performance is not for everyone, and although I didn’t particularly enjoy it, I appreciate the effort that was put into it and their performers passion as they presented it. 

As a young reviewer, I found this performance fairly challenging and only a little entertaining. However, I would recommend this show to perhaps older members who would definitely appreciate it being unique different.

This performance took place at Chapter in Cardiff on Wednesday 22nd November 2017.

Sanaz Safari is a member of the Cardiff West Community High School Stage and Screen group which is supported by Wales Critics Fund

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