The Stranglers supported by Ruts DC – Y Plas, Cardiff

April 6, 2017 by
It was like a step back in time entering Y Plas for a much-anticipated concert by one of punk’s true survivors.

Yes, it may have been a much older audience than the one that camped outside the Top Rank in Cardiff’s Queen Street for the band’s first visit 40 years previously, but the time as failed to dim the enthusiasm of the group’s fanatical following, keen to turn back the clock in a wave of nostalgia.

The Stranglers - Y Plas - Cardiff Students Union - 27 March 2017 - Jean Jacques Burnel and Baz Warne

Jean Jacques Burnel and Baz Warne

The Stranglers - Y Plas - Cardiff Students Union - 27 March 2017 - Jean Jacques Burnel

Jean Jacques Burnel


Despite singer/guitarist Hugh Cornwall jumping ship in 1990 and the 2015 retirement of drummer Jet Black from live work, the band still retain the two members who made their sound truly unique.

Jean-Jacques Brunel’s driving, menacing bass guitar and Dave Greenfield’s prominent keyboard runs are still very evident and a crucial element that fans quickly identify with.

The Ruts DC supporting The Stranglers at Y Plas, Cardiff - 27 March 2017

The Ruts

Playing what’s been billed as the classic collection there were plenty songs in the set to delight long-time fans and any new arrivals, though it was big songs like Hanging Around, Peaches, Golden Brown, to name but three, that got the biggest cheers, there were few absentees, most notably Duchess, but there was more than enough memorable tunes to keep the sell-out crowd bellowing at the top of their voices.

With guitarist Baz Warne and drummer Jim MacAuly ably filling the spaces left by Black and Cornwall, the band are still can strut with the best of them. Brunel prowled the stage as ever, with bass guitar slung slow and its sound shaking the foundations, whilst Warne’s frenetic guitar and Cornwall like vocals made you think it was 1977 all over again.

Ending the set with the brilliant 5 Minutes and the instrumental Down In The Sewer, proceedings hit fever pitch with an encore of Go Buddy Go and the classic No More Heroes.

With great support from The Ruts DC and an all-too-brief set featuring the superb Babylon’s Burning and Staring At The Rude Boys it proved a night of quality and great value.

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