Tiger Bay the Musical, Wales Millennium Centre

November 20, 2017 by

The fascinating musical, Tiger Bay, will intrigue audiences of all ages. Written by Michael Williams, it is based on Cardiff docks in the 20th century. The history is told through an incredibly educational yet captivating story line. This is communicated through the lives of the cast who excelled at telling their stories and portraying their individual characters.

The performance kept the audience fully engaged through the long running time of three hours. The dancers were full of enthusiasm and the choreography fantastic. The acting from every actor was amazing and the quality of singing breathtaking. Every aspect of the show contributed to such a powerful performance. The orchestra was used to contribute to the dramatic effect throughout the performance, in both the lively sections and heartbreaking scenes. The period costumes worn by each character was superb in helping to present each character’s class and culture to the audience.

The show will not only fascinate and educate you but will also make you laugh and cry. Everything about the performance is mesmerising, even the little things (to quote from one of the songs). I, for one, would love to see it again.


Georgia Steggles is a New Voices reviewer supported by Wales Critics Fund.

She is a member of  the Stage and Screen group at Cardiff West Community High School.





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