Vintage Trouble, Tramshed, Cardiff

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Formed in Hollywood, California, the four-piece have been an ever-present on the tour scene. Having created some favourable feedback from their first few UK dates and a stunning appearance on Later with…Jools Holland in 2011, it led to some very high-profile support slots with the likes of The Who and ACDC.

Their retro brand of soul-blues is both powerful and unique, displaying a heavy mixture of styles that on listening to the band live, is where their music can really be appreciated.

Looking very dapper in their suits they give the impression they are a part of a 60s Stax soul revue and you half expect to see a glimpse of Otis Redding, Sam and Dave and Wilson Pickett at the side of the stage waiting their turn.

It was certainly powerful stuff, and Laurence Jones and his band provided the perfecting opening with a whirlwind performance of bluesy rock. He is certainly one to look out for with some impressive guitar work and thumping rhythm section that kicked in alongside.

Vintage Trouble at the Cardiff Tramshed - 1st June 2017 - Must credit Tony Chapman

Vintage Trouble at the Cardiff Tramshed - 1st June 2017 - Must credit Tony Chapman


But it was Vintage Trouble we’d all come to see and the band didn’t disappoint with a ‘vintage’ performance of their own opening with the punchy Total Strangers followed swiftly by a jaw-dropping Strike Your Light and some neat guitar from their guitarist Nalle Colt.

But despite the talented band of musicians, bassist Rick Barrio Dill, and drummer Richard Danielson, it was the performance of singer Ty Taylor that undoubtedly stole the evening with an incredible, all-action show that had fans gasping for breath. Whether it be him throwing himself around the stage or crawling through the audience, even singing one song from the balcony, such was his enthusiasm, if he could be linked up to the National Grid our energy problems would be solved overnight. Added to that the fact he’s a very talented soul singer, plus being compared favourably to both Otis Redding and Rev Al Green, it’s no surprise that the evening was over too soon. Fortunately, the band seem to have a soft spot for the Capital, so look forward to a quick return.

Images Tony Chapman

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