Young reviewer: Ballet Cymru, Cinderella, Riverfront

May 13, 2018 by

I thought this was a good show, although I found the storyline harder to follow because I’m used to the storyline in the film. I thought that the music was fantastic because the instruments complimented each other making the story come to life.


Eka Mastrangelo


The dancers were very good because they moved so elegantly, and I could easily tell which character were which, because of their facial expressions and their movement.

I thought that the projection was cool because it showed how time passed, but my one problem was that sometimes the trees blocked the dancers, and because of that I could not see them dance.


Beth Meadway and Robbie Moorcroft


really enjoyed the feet being chopped with an axe because they stuck to the true story and it was quite funny.

I would say that other people should see the show because it is a different view of the story and people might see the characters in a different way, for example, the step sister turns out to be quite nice in the end rather than being evil.

Well done Ballet Cymru, I will happily come again.


Main image: Robbie Moorcroft and Miguel Fernandez


Images: Sian Trenberth


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