The Overtones, St David’s Hall

December 17, 2019 by

The Overtones are a resilient and remarkable four-man vocal group.

Resilient because last year they tragically lost their lead singer Timmy Matley who now has been replaced by Jay James from Saundersfoot, which means that thankfully the show is now back on the road.

Remarkable because they are in many ways unique. They all wear the same stylishly cut suits, move in a well-timed coordinated fashion, and interact superbly well with the crowd which gets thing going.

Drawing on a doo-wop style tradition and a using a range of different harmonies, while being supported by an excellent band, they present songs from several decades.

Last night at a well-attended St David’s Hall the concert was part of a Christmas tour and inevitably it featured several festive classics (one delivered by the singers from within the audience). Other songs such as ‘Pretty Woman’ ‘My Girl’, and ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ are drawn from the back catalogues of other artists but are delivered in a distinct manner.

Their new version of ‘Walking In The Air’ was mesmerising.

The Overtones’ concert was greatly helped by the venue which is intimate enough to provide close-up engagement with both the group and the music, and this made for a spine-tingling and uplifting experience.

It was a fun-filled evening because this was not really a concert but a ‘show’ in the best sense of the word.
Next year is the tenth anniversary of the setting up of The Overtones and there will be a celebratory tour which means they will soon be back in Cardiff. Be there!

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