The Ultimate Classic Rock Show, The Globe

February 27, 2020 by


There’s no denying that classic rock is a genre that attracts people in droves and its classic tunes created by some of rock’s legends that is the order of the day for the talented bunch of musicians that comprise The Ultimate Classic Rock Show.
But whilst you may think that there’s enough tribute bands plying their trade around town, there’s something very different about The Ultimate Classic Rock Show. For one, their attention to detail can leave you open-mouthed such is their artistry and understanding some of the complexities of some of the more iconic songs in their quite stunning set.
No corners are cut with impeccable soloing and a sound to die for. The band have created quite a name for themselves such is the quality of their performances that never fail to hit the heights like the idols they imitate so faultlessly.


Whether it be Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, played in full with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in for good measure, or the Eagles ‘ Hotel California’ with its stand out solo voted one of the all time best by readers of the Guitarist Magazine, their craft and appreciation for the songs was a highlight in a 2 hour set packed full of enthusiasm that gripped the sell-out crowd, heads nodding and bopping in unison to some truly mega tunes and containing something for everyone.
The vocals of Rory Bridgeman and Sammi Broad complemented each other perfectly whilst the lead guitar work of Luke Bradshaw was a dream as he was challenged to reproduce some of rock’s stella guitar moments and didn’t disappoint. But it’s very much a team effort with solid support and backing from some truly amazing musicians that sets this team apart.
Fortunately for those who missed the show, they’re back in the town at the New Theatre on 10th September with tickets on sale from 13th March, so if you are a lover of classic rock then it’s a show not to be missed.

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