Stephen Murray talks about playing Edward Scissorhands

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Stephen Murray plays Edward Scissorhands in New Adventures’ Edward Scissorhands, choreographed by Matthew Bourne.


Edward Scissorhands is at Wales Millennium Centre until March 24


How did you come to be in the role of Edward Scissorhands?

Stephen Murray: I was asked to take on and play the role of Edward Scissorhands back in January 2023 by Matthew Bourne. At the time I was playing the leading male role Leo in New Adventures’ production of Sleeping Beauty, and it was during that production that Matthew approached me with the idea of playing Edward in Edward Scissorhands. I was very honoured and without a second thought and a lot of excitement I gladly said yes to taking on this iconic role.




Can you tell me a bit about your career?

Stephen Murray: I began dancing at the age of four across the pond in my hometown Ireland. I danced everywhere and took every class until I found the school Westside Performing Arts in Dublin. They opened many doors for me and introduced me to ballet at age fourteen, which is where my love for ballet began. Fast forward two years and I was offered a place on the three-year degree course at Central School of Ballet in London. I took the opportunity and moved to London aged sixteen to begin my full-time training.

What is it like alternating the role of Edward with other dancers ?

Stephen Murray: Sharing the role with another dancer is always a great pleasure. It allows for creativity and interpretation to be shared, no dancer is the same so sharing the role lets you communicate and share your ideas with one another. The role of Edward is also a very demanding role both physically and mentally, so it is great to have one another to encourage and inspire each other through the tour.

Have you worked with any Matthew Bournes’s productions?

Stephen Murray: Yes, I joined New Adventures in my final year of training at Central School of Ballet under an apprentice scheme for the creation process of the production The Red Shoes. From then and shortly afterwards I joined the company full time for the international tour of Cinderella I have been performing with the company for the past seven years of my career in many of their shows including Romeo and Juliet, Nutcracker!, The Carman and Sleeping Beauty.

Is it difficult to put an iconic representation as the film version out of your head ?

Stephen Murray: When approaching the role of Edward I had decided to only watch the movie version a few times as I didn’t want to restrict myself from finding my own version and growing into the character. I wanted to put my own interpretation into the role and my own ideas. Matthew Bourne’s production has many scenes from the film within the show so in that aspect it was great to refer to the movie for inspiration, but he has also wonderfully added many new scenes into the show which gives us a great opportunity to really find your character, be creative and show your artistry.

What do you think audiences will particularly enjoy and take from the production?

Stephen Murray: I think the audiences will absolutely love this production and this take on the original story. It is a story that everybody can relate to, as at some stage everyone has felt like they don’t fit in and have to figure out how to navigate their way through life. It’s a story about the importance of family and that love is not always what you see from the outside but what is within. The show is magical and I think a lot of people will be able to resonate with the story.


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