New Nye Bevan play with actor Michael Sheen, National Theatre and WMC

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Wales Millennium Centre has announced a new project starring Welsh actor Michael Sheen and the National Theatre in London.


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The play called Nye charts the life and legacy of  Welsh Labour MP Aneurin ‘Nye’ Bevan, most noted for being the Minister of Health who led the establishment of the National Health Service.

It is written by Welsh playwright and screenwriter Tim Price and directed by the National Theatre’s Artistic Director.

The show opens at the National Theatre in London, running at the Olivier Theatre between February 24 and May 11. It will then play at Wales Millennium Centre for two weeks between 18 May and 1 June 2024.

Michael Sheen, best-known for his representations of Tony Blair in a series of films, has been cast in the title role of Aneurin ‘Nye’ Bevan.



Michael Sheen


He will be joined by Welsh actors Remy Beasley, Roger Evans, Kezrena James, Rebecca Killick and Rhodri Meilir, alongside Jon Furlong, Stephanie Jacob, Tony Jayawardena and Sharon Small, with further casting to be announced.

The show will take the form of Nye Bevan looking back at his life.

Tickets for Nye at Wales Millennium Centre will be on public sale from October 27, 2023 and at the National Theatre from November 9, 2023. Various early booking categories are available.

Rufus Norris, National Theatre’s Artistic Director, said, “To bring the story to Nye Bevan’s home in Wales feels very special and an appropriate way to further honour his legacy through this production.”

Graeme Farrow, Wales Millennium Centre’s Artistic Director, said, “We’re thrilled to be working with the National Theatre again, bringing the story of this Welsh radical reformer to audiences a mere stone’s throw from the Valleys communities which shaped Nye Bevan and his vision.”

The announcement of the two organisations again working together comes hot on the heels of the defunding announcement of National Theatre Wales.


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