“Santa’s Wish” Shines Bright at Cardiff’s The Fortuna

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In the heart of Cardiff, European Spiegeltent The Fortuna has, for the second year running, become the enchanting stage for “Santa’s Wish.” This festive family musical, created by the talented duo Matthew and Laura Brind, offers a delightful blend of entertainment, a heartwarming message, and Christmas cheer.

The storyline kicks off with a bang – or rather, a crash – as Santa’s sleigh faces unexpected troubles, leaving our ensemble cast of characters – Snowflake, Tinsel, Crackers, Jingle and, of course, Father Christmas – a bit lost. The reindeers, meanwhile, are already back home with Mother Christmas.

The story revolves around Snowflake’s journey to becoming an elf. After landing on some melting ice, she takes the audience on a journey around the world, encountering challenges along the way, before finding her way back home to the North Pole where Santa fulfills her wish of becoming an elf. The story cleverly weaves in the tale of Lily and her grandmother, whose small acts of kindness bring hope to less fortunate families like Freddy and Eddie’s, dealing with the loss of their mother.


What sets “Santa’s Wish” apart is its ability to entertain while delivering the essential message of the importance of kindness – to each other, and to the planet. The charming characters, portrayed by a talented cast, including the returning Dyfrig Morris and Millie Davies, keep the audience engaged with laughter, dance, acrobatics, and a catchy soundtrack spanning several genres. It’s a festive journey that brings joy while highlighting the importance of kindness and caring during the holiday season.

“Santa’s Wish” is a shining star in Cardiff’s festive lineup. With its engaging storyline, talented cast, and the magical backdrop of The Fortuna, it manages to capture the essence of Christmas in a way that appeals to both young and old. It is the perfect outing for families looking to embrace the Christmas spirit.

This year the Spiegeltent is at Sophia Gardens.


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