The Blockheads, The Globe, Cardiff

November 13, 2018 by

A very wet and uninviting night not the best for dragging yourself off the sofa to see a band but once inside The Globe all seems right in the world, a great venue and a treat in store.

The Blockheads make what has almost become their annual appearance at the venue and as usual they did not disappoint, with the traditional “Oi Oi” chant ringing as the band made their way onstage and straight into a Blockheads favourite “Wake up and Make Love.”

It’s not just the old favourites though and new songs such as “Express Yourself” from The Same Horse Different Jockey Album and “Fact or Fiction” From Beyond The Call Of Duty are real diamonds, both songs sit comfortably amongst a set of Dury Classics that include “Billericay Dickie,” “What a Waste” and a brilliant version of “Inbetweenies.”

Maybe with a special frontman like Dury it was easy to hear his clever, witty and unique lyrics and somewhat bypass the stunning musicianship of the band in particular Chas Jankel, Norman Watt Roy and John Turnbull, with their blend of Funk Jazz Blues and Rock and Roll, so appealing  and from the onset, everyone in the crowd moving and singing along.


The anthemic “Sex and Drugs And Rock And Roll” their first ever single sounds just as good today as it did in 1977 and with Derek the Draw adding the occasional local reference as too it raining every time they come to Cardiff and it being the party capital of Europe, it’s clear the band love every minute on stage and enjoy each others musical skills as do the crowd, a mixture of ages who fall silent for the intro to a rousing “Sweet Gene Vincent” followed by “Clever Trevor,” “Reasons to be Cheerful” and of course the inevitable “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick” with It’s reference to the old Cardiff Bay.

Generous applause and a two song encore including “Blockheads” end the show with everyone wanting more.

Hopefully they will be back next year, and if it is cold and raining outside be sure to drag yourselves off that sofa to The Globe to see The Blockheads they really are that good and not to be missed.


Images: Tony Chapman

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