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What would you do if you could go back in time? We’ve all though it, we’ve all pondered it. Yet, have we truly grasped the ramifications that come with altering the past, where the slightest change can have a huge impact on the timeline you were originally in?

In this monologue by Tim Etchells, he grapples with the ideas of time travel, through an unnamed figure who talks at us about what he would do if he could. This is familiar territory for people who’ve watched Doctor Who, Back to the Future or the more recent Rick and Morty. This material is inconsequential and non-offensive, with a modest approach in the words. This did not feel like a finished project, though most of the components are there. Some sound design would have bene perfect, just think of the lush synths that could play throughout this, the theme of time evoking dense and moody atmosphere. More sever lighting could have been used. The set is a mere circle of paper notes circling the figure, who also adds to more on the floor with notes from his own pocket.

This is quite an understated performance from Tyrone Huggins, seemingly familiar with the material and us as an audience. His at times quiet delivery should have had a bit more vigour, though I guess we listen more clearly when someone talks like this. He did fluff a few lines, though this does feel like a conversation with someone down the pub. This is a piece which needs to work on its polish. It never struck me as some amazing thing to truly be engaged with, though I do admire the efforts within it. Some humour helped breakdown the script, the fact this man would want to tease his friends or perplex them as to how and why he did something going back and forth in time. He said a lot of things we would all most likely do (knowing the number for the Lottery, the bookies etc). Though where was his love interest? Where did he work? What were his aspirations for life?

To be honest there was a lot of potential here, but I don’t think it quite reached the mark. Some insights about time travel are interesting, yet we never really get any real grasp of what all this really meant. I felt invested for a time, yet become bored towards the end. It felt like it ran out of steam during the middle, a problem with a lot of theatre. I dare say, if I could go back in time, I doubt I would have seen this.

To Move In Time continues on tour to Sheffield, Birmingham, Exeter & Bristol.

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