Cêt Haf: Family Dance Festival WMC tomorrow

April 13, 2018 by

Family Dance Festival 2018 reaches its big finale tomorrow (SAT) at Wales Millennium Centre with three shows to bring a smile to the faces of kids of all ages. (Full details below)

S4C’s Cêt Haf talks about performing in the Festival and why it is proving a great hour of entertainment with nearly 40 performances now completed around Wales.

What is most rewarding about this project for you?

The best thing is seeing all the children’s smiling faces during and after the performances! To think that we are bringing a little bit more joy into their lives is priceless.

Why do you think people will enjoy the family dance events?

There is something for everyone at this festival, it’s fun filled, light, entertaining, full of variety, the audience can get involved and on top of that it’s free!

Do you need a background in dance or is that not necessary to enjoy this?

You certainly won’t need a dance background to enjoy the performances, dance is a universal language, just be ready to have some fun!

Do you get people who know you from TV saying hi – and would you like people to do that?

Yes sometimes and I am always happy to say hello or have a chat, but my costumes and make up are so fantastic it disguises my true identity very well, even from friends!

What would you say to anyone thinking of coming but not sure?

You won’t regret coming! The performances are truly full of colourful content and offer you a chance to relax, laugh, ogle and take part if you fancy!

Is it a good way to burn off all those Easter Eggs?

If you, like me, have eaten a healthy amount of Easter eggs lately, then the Family Dance Festival is an ideal way of shifting any shadow of guilt ( those eggs burn off in no time!

Has anything surprised you in preparing for the Family Dance Festival?

The only thing I’m surprised at is how fast the time goes! We do three shows a day, have completed 39 of them and we have so much fun that time just flies by.

Are you a dance fan generally? Is so, of what sort of dance?

I’m a massive fan of dance in all it’s amazing and varying forms. I like to see characters in dance performances, but to see people reacting instinctively to music is the best. There is a special magic to that dance.


Sat 14 April @ 10:30 | 12:30 | 16:00

Audio Description on Sat 14 only @ 12:30 (Welsh) & 16:00 (English) with touch tours 15 mins before show.


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