Panti Bliss: I’m “Panti” to friends and lovers, “Miss Bliss” to the legal system and “Queen Of Ireland” to the taxman.

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Do you prefer to be called Panti or Miss Bliss? Or Queen of Ireland?

I’m “Panti” to friends and lovers, “Miss Bliss” to the legal system and “Queen Of Ireland” to the taxman.

Panti Bliss, coming to Cardiff on April 1 – you’d be a fool to miss it

Have you been called anything else?

Yes. Most of them unprintable in a family publication.

Are we in for fun, glamour and frolics?

Thankfully they aren’t mutually exclusive, so yes.

Which is your favourite?


Any fabulous speeches planned such as the Noble Call at the Abbey that propelled you into being an ‘accidental activist’?

Only if I get arrested.

Have you recovered from the reaction to your Dublin speech? (see link below).

I’m still amazed by it – amazed and grateful.

What would you like the Cardiff audience to take away from the show?

My phone number. And plenty to think about. 

What should they leave behind?

Their hang-ups about gender and sexuality.

Have you been to Wales before? Maybe a rugby tour?

I’ve been to Holyhead lots of times when Ryanair was just a twinkle in Michael O’Leary’s no frills eye.

Are you sure you know what you are letting yourself in for?

Definitely not. But I have high hopes. 

Can you speak Welsh? Irish Gaelic? Ulster Scottish? Jibberish?

No. I’ll be relying on body language. 



Cardiff, Sherman Cymru, Sat 1 Apr, 7.45pm

In 2014 Panti (Landlady of Pantibar in Dublin which opened in November 2007) made a speech about homophobia which was described as ‘the most eloquent Irish speech’ in 200 years by Irish Times. This post-show Noble Call oration at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, has been watched around the world.

She was the subject of Conor Hagan’s documentary ‘The Queen of Ireland’, the most successful Irish documentary to date. Panti is the hostess of the Alternative Miss Ireland Pageant.

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