Company of Siren perform Hitchock’s Redux

September 19, 2021 by
“On a hot August day in 1968, while watching a televised broadcast of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, his father died. Four years later a girl disappears in terrible circumstances.
Two events from the past, captured and preserved through two classic films of the 1960s, Hitchcock Redux weaves together two of cinema’s most well-known stories with two others that are far more personal.
Described at its premier by the Guardian as “a fascinating meditation on grief”, Hitchcock Redux examines the moments when life connects with art. To what extent does artwork, film and literature filter our memories, becoming more crucial to those memories than the events themselves?”
Written, directed and performed by Chris Durnall with Angharad Matthews, featuring original music composed and performed live by Eren.
Part two of an ongoing project from Company of Sirens, funded by Arts Council of Wales and National Lottery.

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