Powerful Stories from the Homeless Community

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Stories from the homeless community are being staged by Mercury Theatre Wales in a new show.

Finding Home will be performed at The Depot Warehouse in Cardiff this October and will include some members of the community who have found themselves without a home within the cast.

Funded by Arts Council of Wales the production will receive its premiere on Monday October 11th at 7.30p.m. with a second performance on 12th with the aim of also touring the production to further venues in the future.

The stories told are based on true experiences and life journeys of those who have found themselves without a home for many different reasons. Mercury Theatre Wales spent 18 months carrying out research to find out more about these real life situations prior to developing and writing this unique piece for theatre.

Finding Home is devised by the Company and written by Artistic Director Bethan Morgan. It will be directed by Lynn Hunter who will be joined by Assistant Director David Prince for the production. Design is by Carl Davies with projections designed by Jorge Lizalde and music by Rowan Talbot.

The main cast includes actors Gethin Alderman, Nick Hywell, Bethan Morgan, Elin Phillips, Sarah Pugh and Rowan Talbot. The supporting Chorus features members of Hijinx Theatre along with members of the local community including Companions from Emmaus South Wales, many of who have experienced being homeless in recent years.

Artistic Director of Mercury Theatre Wales and writer of Finding Home, Bethan Morgan said “The title of the project ‘Finding Home’ really represents both the subject matter of our play and also what we hope is the effect of the involvement of our participants in the project as a whole. Inclusion, integration and empowerment all lead to gaining a sense of belonging, self-worth and achievement for people both with and without a permanent home. The piece is also created to give us all a better understanding of the people in the community around us.”

One of the Emmaus South Wales Companions Steven Baird said, “I am greatly appreciative of anyone who tries to show the correct side of homelessness and awareness to the struggle some people have had to face and the effect of their circumstances and upbringing and also the mentality of people who have had to endure trauma and the way people get programmed by their parents or guardians to think things are normal that are not. Because of this, it is an honour to be part of something that deals with real situations and to help others understand their struggle and maybe inspire them to have a better outlook on other people instead of just judging them on situational circumstances.”

The audience will be able to view an exhibition by Izzy Oak before and after the show. Izzy’s work reflects experiences she has encountered since childhood living in poverty and living in temporary accommodation through writing and artwork. She explores what it means to be on the back foot in society and the stigmas often attached to being homeless. An after performance discussion will also take place offering the audience a chance to talk about the stories they have seen and the issues the production has raised.

Bethan Morgan finishes “We hope the play will give voice and opportunity to those who have experienced exclusion in society and tackle the general stereotypes that the public hold about homeless people.”

For further details on Mercury Theatre Wales visit mercurytheatrewales.co.uk. To book tickets for Finding Home visit www.seetickets.com/tour/finding-home

Image: Jorge Lizalde

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