China Crisis, Acapela Studio

October 30, 2019 by


The resurgence of 80s bands in recent years as been very hit or miss of late with many fans of that era looking back on the decade misty-eyed and through rose-coloured spectacles.
Whilst there was some truly great talent that came to the fore, there were many who followed on their shirt-tails whose sound overtook the substance and look became almost more important than the quality, with formalized music becoming the norm.
Fortunately there were some bands that pushed the boundaries and created music that was both interestingly creative but also solid pop songs to boot with a catchiness that still got the foot-tapping and some reasonable chart-placings.


It was one of the cream that played a quite glorious set at the Acapela Studio that set about proving the above, playing both hits and album tracks that wasn’t all about the nostalgia but the perfectly crafted and thoughtful songs from what is a quite stunning back catalogue.
Added to the music, the band possess in lead singer Gary Daly a wonderfully funny raconteur who delighted a sold out crowd with scathing put downs on the industry and tales about their songs (and girlfriends) and how they came to fruition.
Not that they are sat on their laurels and still feature newer songs in a set with Daly’s long-time band mate and often writing partner Eddie Lundon coming to the microphone to sing Fool from 2015’s Autumn In The Neighbourhood.
But of course, it was their more well know tracks that prompted the greater response with African and White, Arizona Sky, Wishful Thinking probably the pick from an excellent bunch whilst Temptations Blue Eyes and Seven Sports For All, personal favourites from the album tracks that were featured in their two sets.

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