Mark Robson: ‘In nofitstate: imMortal to Block’

July 10, 2017 by

In the coming weeks, a kickstarter I’ve set up will have come to an end. It’s not for some quirky invention or hilarious board game but for a book. A book filled with photographs of an adopted family far more photogenic than my blood relatives. Circus is daring, exciting, wonderful, beautiful, skilled and a whole thesaurus of superlatives; but for those lucky enough to live behind the curtain its family, community, hard work, dedication, and love.

What started off as blowing up 2 cars for Autogeddon developed into teaching community classes, performing, production, touring, a seat as a board member, whilst the whole way through photographing the shows. The company and community enveloped and supported me, becoming  such an integral part of my life that there isn’t enough time to thank them all for all the memories they’ve given me.

  • Peter driving straight on to the wrong ferry which increased the stress levels in the van but saved us several hours off our journey home.
  • Having to hula hoop my way round a huge stage in front of thousands of people when I can’t hula hoop because Ali thought it would be funny and to be fair it did get a lot of laughs.
  • Being so cold in Norwich in May that I was wearing all the layers I had and had to go out to buy extra duvets for the company. Followed by a week in Brighton where water bottles and sunblock was the shopping trip because it was a heat wave.
  • Playing pétanque and eating the most amazing French food in Atelier 231 whilst creating Barricade.
  • Breaking down on the M25 just under the Heathrow flight path and watching the planes come into land whilst sitting on the grass verge sorting it all out.


featuring Elena Burani

Over those 13 or so years, I’ve taken hundreds of thousands of photos. Documenting the shows, the community, all aspects of Nofit State Circus from imMortal to Block.  I’ve got 8TB  full of hi res photos, and for a long while I’ve wanted to share them with everyone as a book. Hopefully, I can give everyone a glimpse of what “Circus” means to me, and what I see when I am at a Nofit State show.  Hopefully, I can give back to the community which has given me so much. Hopefully, I have made something beautiful.

Help me take the next step and get this virtual collection printed into a beautiful, physical, book by supporting the kickstarter. Buy the book, make a donation, share the kickstarter: any and all help is greatly appreciated.


In nofitstate’ covers the work of Nofit State Circus from ImMortal to Block including all the shows as well as community, backstage and portraits. With a focus firmly on photography this book gives you a feel of those shows and the people involved. Over 230 stunning photographs dating from 2004 to 2017 capture the wonder, passion, and beauty of circus.

As well as photography I am also currently working with Mary Bijou Cabaret & Social Club (production and some performing), Upswing (production management), I have two sons and still manage to have a full-time job at Cardiff University.


Please visit the kickstarter for more information and to pre-order ‘In nofitstate’



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