Wales Theatre Awards statement

December 3, 2018 by

The organisers of the Wales Theatre Awards have informed the arts community that the 2019 awards will not be taking place and the annual celebration of excellence in performance and the work of critics throughout our nation has come to an end.

The awards have been the highlight of the arts calendar in recent years, with many hundreds of artists, critics and industry figures attending the annual awards ceremony, to celebrate dance, opera and theatre created and performed in Wales, in Welsh and in English.

The awards were unique in being nominated by a large body of critics throughout the nation, working online, in print and broadcast and working in Welsh and in English, with shortlists and winners selected by panels of judges, reflecting our diverse communities.

The organisers have expressed thanks to the host venues and the freely given time of performers, reviewers, judges and presenters in contributing to the remarkable achievement of creating an inclusive and comprehensive national event that has been open to all reviewers and arts organisations and artists.

Wales Theatre Awards director Mike Smith, who also edits Arts Scene in Wales and website that supports the development of new critics, said, “We have been genuinely moved by the very many messages of thanks and support for our work, and expressions of sadness, that we have received from the arts and reviewing community across Wales and further afield.

“In relation to the motives or agenda of the blogger who made a recent attack on the arts community in relation to the awards on an online literary website, we have no comment to make. Our responsibility is to protect the arts community and reviewers from any further hostility.”


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