No “yellow face” role problems for WNO’s Dubai “green” desert opera

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A troupe of Welsh singers are off to the desert sunshine for Welsh National Opera’s collaboration with the United Arab Emirates on Al Wasl Opera, part of Expo 2020 Dubai. While in the UK and other countries’  theatres continue to be careful about ethnic role casting, there is no such worries with this production.

The cast for the Expo 2020 Dubai’s Al Wasl Opera, includes Welsh singers Leah-Marian Jones, Wyn Pencarreg, Hugh Llewellyn, Gareth Dafydd Morris, Sion Goronwy, and from the ranks of the current cast of WNO’s  Madam Butterfly, along with other UK singers and the Welsh National Opera chorus (predominantly white) and orchestra. The show is produced by former WNO chief David Pountney.

It is in stark contrast with WNO’s current Madam Butterfly that, to avoid any attacks of “yellow facing”, has stripped away the opera’s Japanese context. In the Dubai opera, for example, Leah-Marian Jones plays Latifa and her father is played by Wyn Pencarreg, it is of course possible both characters are white. (Perhaps opera companies could try that with other operas where ethnicity is assumed from name and context.)

However, WNO’s recently appointed boss Aidan Lang has rejected concerns of white singers playing different ethnicities saying the company just has ethnically diverse casts (which has been rejected as not acceptable by equality organisations complaining particularly about white singers playing specifically non white roles). Lang also placed such responsibiity at the door of Expo 2020, “Al Wasl is commissioned by Expo 2020, and as commissioners, all aspects of the production are subject to their approval, including casting. Expo did not stipulate a cast comprised of singers from the Middle East, but in accordance with our casting principles, we have endeavoured to field an ethnically diverse cast. 

“Al Wasl is set in three short acts, each set in a different moment in time – the past, the present and the future and also moves between the Middle East, the USA and other non-specific locations. Each act has its own storyline, centred around one or two main characters. In Act One, that character is Khalil, played by Lester Lynch. Act Two tells the story of Adnan, a Pakistani migrant worker (Tom Randle) and his daughter Eshaal (Meeta Raval). Act Three is about Mary, an American, who is played by Jurgita Adamonyte. The scene in which some chorus members have small roles takes place in the terminal of Dubai International Airport. The characters are international travellers of differing nationalities.”

Meanwhile, audiences for WNO’s current WNO season have been relatively sparse (unlike other packed shows at the Centre) but it is unlikely there will be such problems with the well-financed UAE project, with tickets now on sale for the Expo opera that aims to celebrate thousands of years of UAE history, its achievements to date and its aspirations for the future. The tickets are on sale directly from Dubai Opera, where the show will be performed, running from 16-19 December.

Produced in collaboration with Welsh National Opera (WNO), the performance features more than 100 artists and musicians, as well as a production team of 70 professionals, to combine the best global operatic talent, celebrating Expo 2020’s theme, ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.




Justin Brown

Maha Gargash





Mohammed Fairouz


Composed by Mohammed Fairouz, co-authored and written by Maha Gargash, directed by former WNO boss Sir David Pountney and conducted by Justin Brown, Al Wasl translates as ‘the connection’ in English, and is the old name for Dubai.

Sir David Pountney said: “The story of Al Wasl begins in the desert, and we created a rather original way of depicting this desert in a metaphorical way. In the middle act, we are in the present, where there is a strong reference to the creation of the Burj Khalifa, and we move on into the future in the final act, where we are in pure fantasyland about what the future may or may not look like, depending on whether we make a commitment to a sustainable tomorrow.”

Najeeb Mohammed Al Ali, Executive Director, Expo 2020 Dubai Commissioner General Office, said: “Expo 2020 Dubai is offering a landmark opera that supports the UAE’s thriving arts scene, and also reflects our country’s values of tolerance and cooperation, as well as our global sense of responsibility to each other and our planet.”

Mohammed Fairouz said: “Celebrating Expo 2020’s vision of collaboration, Al Wasl Opera brings together many people from a variety of artistic backgrounds in order to create one art form – and there’s nothing more universal than opera and theatre. If people can laugh and cry together, then anything is possible between them.”

Al Wasl Opera will be presented in English, with a runtime of 120 minutes, including one intermission. Tickets start from AED300 and are available from the Dubai Opera website.

WNO’s current season is a revival of a popular old production of The Barber of Seville and a production of Madam Butterfly stripped of its Japanese, imperial, racism, military context that reduces the intricate story to exploitation of women.

While Pountney’s tenure at WNO has ended his legacy remains with the company’s only summer 2022 offering a delayed series of musical takes on migration that had been scheduled for during the Covid pandemic.


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