Carlos Acosta Danza: Debut, Wales Millennium Centre

June 5, 2018 by

International dance legend Carlos Acosta has returned to the Wales Millennium Centre with the very best dancers that Cuba has to offer. Since last seeing Acosta at the Centre in 2015, he has launched his own Havana based dance company Acosta Danza and is predicted to take the UK by storm on their first tour.

Having fallen in love with the way in which Acosta is not only able to spellbind you with his finesse, mastery skill and emotional connection to each and every movement he makes; I was more than looking forward to seeing what his company had to offer.

The running time on this debut is 2hrs and 5 mins (including one interval) and is composed of 5 dance pieces, ranging fromTwelve the dance sport piece which included a mathematical puzzle using both logic and emotion to dance out, to the beautiful ethereal piece called Mermaid.

The performance of Belles- Lettres choreographed by the Resident Choreographer Justin Peck of New York Ballet really was a major highlight of the programme. From the intricately embroidered clothing to the swan like feel of the movement, I was captivated by the way in which strong Cuban physicality was showcased within the delicacy of the piece leading to a rousing emotional climax.

For those of you wondering if Acosta would be making an appearance, Mermaid certainly wets the appetite of the many Acosta fans among the audience. Mermaid is a spin on the archetypal story of the mortal man who falls in love with a sea-creature. Acosta’s ability to partner so exquisitely is still unparalleled and his role as the saviour in Mermaid really does show how fascinating and charming he still is to watch.


Co-produced with The Movement, Festspielhaus St
Pölten and New York City Center.


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