Extremely Bad Dancing to Extremely French Music, CDF17

November 17, 2017 by

This is definitely one for those extremely interested in the more pretentious side of performance that to some may be viewed as cutting-edge dance and to other emperor’s new clothes, or lack of them.

Extremely Bad Dancing to Extremely French Music is in its simplistic a collaborative dance and music work by choreographer Karl Jay-Lewin and composer Matteo Fargion, performed as part of the splendid Cardiff Dance Festival by Karl and pianist Tim Parkinson.





Beyond that it make of it what you will. It contains elements of shouting contrasted with whispering, big drum banging and triangle tinkling, absurdist piss-taking dance steps, some bare (bottom) cheeked movement and even an elephant costume. Oh and a red balloon. There is a section made up of rhythmically saying expletives and an audience including Pied Piper routine of “Good News” and ” Bad News” as we are presumably shown how easily we (well, most of the audience) can be manipulated into joining in.

In harnessing the seemingly absurd it feels more like an homage to Dada and striving for the avant-garde yet it made many in the audience laugh out loud and even I think I chuckled at something or other. It is very sweet, very charming and very innocent. I am tempted to make puns about the elephant in the room and rather than being avant-garde it is more rear-guard but I won’t – that would be extremely bad.

Did I mention the music? Didn’t think so as I couldn’t think of anything extremely profound to say so I decided not to.

Take a look at a clip on video and buy a big drum.  Sorry – BUY A BIG DRUM.



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