Tabby McTat, New Theatre, Cardiff

August 31, 2019 by

I took my 3-year-old daughter Mali to see Tabby McTat at The New Theatre in Cardiff. It was an entertaining show that encouraged children to use their imagination. Despite there being minimal costumes and props (the cast used different hats for each character and they rotated the characters between them throughout by simply changing hats) the children seemed to enjoy the show.

One of the highlights was the musical instrument scene, where the cast used their imaginations to create musical instruments from various materials, before sneaking through the audience, singing and dancing. Another scene where the cast performed various magic tricks was also a hit.

Overall they kept the audience engaged and encouraged everyone to join in throughout – they even ran off the stage a few times into the audience which the children loved.

The performance ran for 55 min with no intermission so it was an ideal time for the children. At the end of the show Mali said “I don’t want it to finish” so that basically sums up her view!

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