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There’s been a resurgence of late for eighties nostalgia and bands have been quick to give the public what it wants. What with reruns of Top Of The Pops and radio shows dedicated to the era, for many fans it’s a second chance to see the bands of their youth.

But few bands come with the pedigree and back catalogue that this Kirby duo have produced since they burst on the scene back in the early eighties and it was a sell out crowd that welcomed the band like they were a reformed One Direction, howling like teenagers as the band came out to play.

Having seen the band a number of times in the last few years they never disappoint whether as a duo, trio, or like this evening, a full live band, their melodic brand of pop/rock filled with hooks that instantly grab you is a joy to behold.

The concert, split in two, featured in the first half their hit album Flaunt The Imperfection, produced by Walter Becker of Steely Dan fame, and featuring on bass former member Gary “Gazza” Johnson, joining band stalwarts Gary Daly and Eddie Lundon for a unique performance of a quality recording.



With each song, singer Gary Daly delighted with gems of information regarding the album’s creation, always joking, his personality dominated the evening with good-natured banter and funny put-downs, but quick to acclaim what a massive influence Becker was on their much-loved recording especially two of the evening’s stand out tracks “You Did Cut Me” and “King in a Catholic Style”.

After a short pause, they returned with a second half of mainly their greatest hits which featured stunning versions of “African and White” and “Christian” plus a track from their most recent release, the impressive Autumn in the Neighbourhood with guitarist Eddie taking lead vocals on “Fool”

What really impressed on a scintillating evening was how well the songs sounded despite being created in the eighties they were as fresh as the day they were recorded which is a testament to their creativity and the support of their excellent band mates.

No doubt they will be back and certainly another evening not to be missed.


Images: Tony Woolway

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